CUBE creates your trendy vision. Our illustrations are built with the idea of a more different approach. We are a new brand, which offers quality products with entertaining prints and can refract the everyday clothing style. What we seek are smiling people with interesting ideas. What we offer are interactive prints with joyful messages. We collect stories and turn them into fabled illustrated images, which are suitable for any age. The experience we gather is from the example you give us, so we can develop better and better illustrations. Different and optimistic images are inspiring us to create our products. Our handmade Cubes are our message to you and we invest a lot of love and creativity in every single one. Every Cube is our picture with a frame and you can easily jump it over, but it is very difficult to leave behind.


CUBE is a brand which offers a different palette of underground clothes for your everyday vision. Our goal is to capture an intriguing moment and turn it into a design that everyone can carry and find themselves through it. We create handmade prints and use some of the best transfer vinyl and textiles to build quality, time-stamped products. Clothes are our canvas, and our expressive means is the illustration that can touch anyone who wants to be different. Each of our designs is a process for us in which we store the original story of each image. We look for a different approach in our work and create products where everyone can see in a positive and fun way their daily lives. CUBE's designs reveal stories that can make you more smiling and better. If you like our idea, share it with the people around you and grab your cube because the good mood is always around us and we are ready to share it with everyone.

At CUBE we also work with company-wide transfer printing applications.
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Be different. Be yourself. CUBE.



CUBE offers production of prints on company clothing. We work with high quality materials that can last a serious amount of time without damaging. Our transfer vinyls have been tested and are with a wide selection of color variants. We can create visualizations on your idea.