Защо избора на текстилно фолио е важен?

1.Why the choosing of textile vinyl is so important?

It is very important to be familiar with the types of textile vinyls when we are shopping for this kind of clothes. It’s common for everyone to buy a printed t-shirt and in the best case the print cracks after the 30th washing. You are just so happy that you bought a cool t-shirt and after 3 months washing it goes in the recycle bin or it just takes the position of one of your pajamas.

It is good to be familiar with the most common types of vinyl. We won’t get you bored with certain brands. They are so many nowadays, so no one would take the time to remember them. We will teach you a trick, which helped us too, in the beginning, so we could offer you the best on the market. You know the moment when you look at something, even it is an image and you suddenly know if it’s quality product or not. Well, in this case it’s the same – when the vinyl is looking quite like a plastic or it’s thicker than it should be/ Some of us may think “Well, yeah, but the image could be tweaked here or there on a specific program if I shop online”. Yes, it could be, and many brands do that. That’s why if the image of a product looks to you unnatural, you wouldn’t rely on its quality.


2.Types of vinyl

  • Universal series – this type of vinyl gives embossing and gives the opportunity to apply it on cotton, polyester, or cotton-polyester fabrics.
  • Vinyl that looks quite like a screen printing – this is a very thin vinyl, which is very soft and firm in contact.
  • Transfer vinyl for nylon fabrics – universal vinyl for this type of fabrics, the application is a little rough.
  • Reflective film – I guess, you are familiar with the work clothing which reflects light. It is thick and rough on touch.
  • And of course – the effect series. They are created to give more glamor to your designs or in short, a little kitsch is never superfluous.

3.Vision and vinyls.

Thermo-transfer vinyls are in a great variety of types and colors. The vinyl is defining for the look of your application. It depends on the design and what is the goal we are aiming for. How do we want the print to look on the fabric? To be in a contrast with the matter or to be elegantly merged with it. We think that clothes with applied thick and rough vinyl are difficult to maintain by their owners and it’s also very restrictive when it comes to the design. The application shouldn’t be very detailed. There aren’t many details when we talk about transfer vinyl applications and everything is short and simple, yet impacting. This is what the author has to say and doesn’t take too much time to say it. Illustrations, both detailed and descriptive, can also be cleared, and without exaggeration. In CUBE we use one of the thinnest vinyls on the market which is extremely durable and as easy as possible to maintain. This gives us even more opportunities if it comes to design.

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CUBE offers production of prints on company clothing. We work with high quality materials that can last a serious amount of time without damaging. Our transfer vinyls have been tested and are with a wide selection of color variants. We can create visualizations on your idea.