Как да не подхождам към своята дреха?
1.How I shouldn't treat them when washing? 
When in a hurry, everyone's throwing their clothes right in the laundry basket. This is not a good option for those of you who wear clothing with graphic applications. 
It is very important to remember only one rule - strip it on the opposite! To preserve the color of the T-shirt longer, everyone knows that you have to do it before washing. The same rule applies according to the print. It's easy! We turn our t-shirt on the opposite and then throw it in the laundry. We also need to be well informed about on how many degrees we can wash our clothes. If it’s not on the label when we buy the garment it is better to ask the seller. When we wash on hand, the water shouldn’t be very hot and the important in this case would be to not leave it for a long time in it. This is it! These are the two things you should remember. It's easy to build a habit if you want your t-shirt to last longer, just like you bought it from the store.
2.How should I not hang my clothes?
When we hang our clothes, it is important to not hang it just like it came from the washing machine or stretch it just as good as the t-shirt reaches the two ends of the hanging rope. Easy! If we leave it wrinkled we risk it to last only until the 7th wash and here, the guilt is not on the manufacturer! It’s the same if we “crucify” it on the hanging rope – don’t think only the garment will stretch. The application is also elastic, independently of the thickness of the vinyl. When the vinyl is thin it won’t be long until your clothes start to look like a lacework.
3.Is there a point to iron my t-shirt?
Of course! Some of you may say “But I hang my clothes so good that they are like ironed”. Well, everyone does it, but no matter how good we hang them, we still treat the print the wrong way. When an application starts to crack it is usually on the spots the garment was wrinkled. That’s why – iron! Every single type of vinyl has its specifics. It would be good if you could get informed if you can iron right on the vinyl or you should turn your t-shirt on its opposite side to get it ironed. Even if you know that the vinyl could be ironed, always put a thin cloth between the iron and the garment. Nothing lasts forever but that’s the way your favorite t-shirt will last a little longer!

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